Jay’s Legacy Home Care

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.” – Tia Walker

Home Care for the Elderly in Door, Kewaunee, Manitowoc and Brown Counties

Jay's Legacy's mission is to support elderly persons and their families. We provide person-centered support that promotes optimal living at home.  This support is provided by trained, consistent professionals and through transparent communication, to maintain the highest quality holistic care for a person.
We work throughout Northeastern Wisconsin providing care and support to the elderly.

Our staff consistently undergo training to help them succeed in giving your loved one top notch care.

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In Home Care - Born from a legacy of a parent.

This division of Jay’s Legacy was created to honor the memory of my father, who was truly a man of great virtue, integrity and love. I dedicate the mission of this company to provide quality of care and compassion in his honor. With this mission as our guiding principle, we will offer the care for you, or your family, as you all so richly deserve. You are our priority! Our service is to keep you, or your loved one, healthy, happy, supported and living at home with the care that they need. This is paramount to us.

Don’t take our word for it - here is what our clients say!

"We needed some extra help for my mom due to a sudden decline in her health. I reached out to Renee and she was able to come out the next day. She was so friendly and understanding and immediately put my mom at ease.
Services were set up quickly and communication was "as promised." I was kept informed and updated. Mandy, Becky, and Dawn were all amazing and provided excellent care. My mom decided that she wanted to move to assisted living and all of her workers stepped up to provide extra assistance. We would not have been prepared without all of their help!
Excellent, professional, and all around amazing experience for us all!"
-Patti Kumar

Competent and compassionate care. Great service and great communication. Highly recommend!

-- Jacinda Duffin

" I cannot say enough good things about Jay's Legacy. Renee, Becky and the entire Jay's Legacy team were a true God send. They supported my family through a difficult crisis. Renee sprung into action on very short notice to meet my mom's in-home caregiving needs.
Jay's Legacy caregivers are top notch; skilled and experienced at caring for clients with dementia/Alzheimer's. Jay's Legacy will never leave you hanging without scheduled caregiving     coverage. Renee will cover shifts herself if a caregiver has an emergency or is otherwise unavailable.
Caregiving is a calling for Renee's staff. They treat your loved one like their own family member. I live out of state and was able to have peace of mind knowing Jay's Legacy was taking care     of my mom. When the time came to transition Mom to a memory care facility, Jay's Legacy was with us every step of the way. Renee, Becky and the caregivers provided me with invaluable     advice, suggestions, referrals...and even a shoulder to cry on.
Jay's Legacy goes the extra mile to support their clients and their clients' families. The residents of Manitowoc, Kewaunee and Door Counties are blessed to have Jay's Legacy as a     caregiving resource within their community."   -----Trina W

"Jay's Legacy was  a Godsend for me.  I had worked with 2 other agencies prior to finding Jay's with less than satisfactory results and was beginning to think finding adequate care for my 99 year old mother wasn't going to happen. Shelly and Paula were terrific with her.  They made my life so much easier and my mother loved them both.  Renee made me a promise that I will not have the same bad experiences I had with prior agencies and that promise  was kept. I recommend them for anyone looking for in home care.  they will not disappoint!"

~Sharon Dippel~

"I want to thank Renee, Mandy, and Kelly for all of your help with my mom. I am so grateful for the wonderful care and companionship that you each provided. Caregiving is a challenging profession. The three of you made it look easy. You are all in the right profession and make such a positive difference in the lives of those you care for."


"I am so thankful to have Bonnie in my life! We instantly connected from the moment we met, and I truly love her! I don't know what I would do without her!"

"I’m so thankful for Jay’s Legacy Staff for cooking meals for my mom when my family is not able to. The prepared meals help me out greatly for I am tired from work and it allows me more time to visit with my Mother. It's simple enough for them to grab the pre-made meal and warm it up in the microwave to enjoy!"

"In my 2X weekly discussions with my mother, she constantly extolls Robin’s assistance and helpfulness. She praises her quite frequently, tells me how Robin helps her, how Robin pays attention to needs and is helping with the groceries and other chores that she would otherwise have to ask my sister or nephews to help with. I would say that she’s very appreciative (as am I) that Robin is there for her. "

~ Robert ~

"I can not tell you enough how much my mom loves Lori. They have really"clicked" with each other. Having her here has helped us tremendously. I don't know what we would do without her"


"I am very happy I chose Jay's Legacy! Linda is great! My mom loves her and I see she does a good job for mom. The company she provides is as important as the personal care and I'm happy with both!"


"Our angel Carol was amazing! Not only was she kind to my husband (and had him laughing with every visit), she would ask what she could do for ME! I can not begin to say how great it felt to have a living, caring person spend time with my husband and also care about me. I would highly recommend Jays Legacy! They made us feel normal again."



Without hesitation, I can and do highly recommend Jay's Legacy for Caregiver Services for individuals, family, and/or friends. As her Alzheimer's symptoms, memory care needs, fall risk, and the anxiety of living in a new facility away from family and close friends increased with age and exceeded the needs of Assisted Living Facility Staff, our family augmented her care with outside Caregivers from Jay’s Legacy.  In short, they were a phenomenal and extremely worthwhile addition to our mother’s care team.  The Management and Caregiver Staff from Jay’s not only provided our family with relief from the increasing cares needs of our Mother, but over time became great friends to our Mom, whom she would ask for in between their visits.  Care, compassion, understanding, love, engagement, and true friendship are only a few words to discuss the Jay’s Caregiver’s relationship with our Mom and our family.  Responsiveness, flexibility, professionalism, great communication, and a focus on the care of our Mom including personal health maintenance care, mobility and dietary as well emotional needs, were always the focus of Jay’s Ownership and Management Team. They understand what true and necessary care “in the moment” is, and minimize “red-tape” in times of need.  They have experienced and compassionate members throughout their team and truly know, understand, and provide for the needs of the elderly, including the patience and understanding required when working with clients with a very different generational perspective as well as with multiple family members all trying to help and provide input. Their team members also communicate and work very well with the various other members of their client’s entire caregiving team, including living facility staff, physicians, and hospice care teams to name a few. While constantly providing the “personal touch” necessary to comfort and calm their clients, they are also very safety conscious. Despite the challenges of close personal contact with her Caregivers throughout the pandemic, our Mom never contracted Covid…..a testament to the focus Jay’s places on safety. In summary, if you are in need of Caregiver assistance for yourself, a family member, or a close friend, I highly recommend you give Jay’s Legacy a call. Our family was not once disappointed in the care provided by Jay’s for the two years that they assisted our Mother.

Pat Herzog

We have recently completed the final journey of our mother’s 95 years all of which were gloriously lived, graciously loved and fiercely protected by our family.  I write this review with passion and expectation for excellence in care for my mom.

If you have an aging parent, you can surmise the challenges ahead and the wish to protect your parent with love, dignity, and consistent respect. Additionally it is expected that you will have caregivers who can appreciate the family legacy created by your loved one.  We hope that caregivers will nurture memories when clients’ own recall might be difficult at times.

When your parent begins to decline in self care abilities, you realize that you likely cannot cover the needs without assistance and begin the search for quality care.  A provider who demonstrates that your loved one will have dignity and respect is priority.   A family is determined to find those who will provide similar devotion, compassion, patience and dignity as they have tried to do.

Thanks to that “find” we had been blessed with Jay’s Legacy Companionship workers.  The administrative team assured us of quality, loving, consistent care that helped my mom to be herself and respected her when she was someone that “wasn’t really her”…  These workers loved and protected her. They engaged her in activities that she laughed at, giggled through, and smiled as we knew her to do. Workers accepted her refusals to participate in meals, walks, visits, and found diversions to enhance her independence.  Worker creativity in meeting mom’s needs was astonishing and unrelenting.  They worked with plans of care and were creative enough to provide alternatives if necessary to give mom quality of life as she met her challenges.

Jay’s Legacy has left an imprint upon my family and never left our side as our support personnel when the road became tougher. They worked faithfully as a team when the decline required more and more assistance.  They truly loved our mother.

I am grateful to all workers that became an extension of our family especially Paula who never missed a minute of devoted care.  She found energy & positivity in my mom every day with her creative ideas. Paula brought artistic opportunities, outings in the sand and sunlight, snuggles, matching levity to mom’s spunky personality.  Every day Paula met my mother where she was at as memory loss became more significant.  Mom had dignity, loyalty and intense admiration by Paula. Paula communicated so well with our family and often shared beautiful photos of her days…hands on the piano, feet in the sand, noodle volleyball activities, hilarious facial expressions indicative of good days or maybe some not so good.  When we as siblings could not be present, Paula made sure we were aware of the day’s events.  Our trust with Paula, never wavered.  We know that our mom shared her affection and humor with her workers because they were able to “connect” with mom.  Paula became an extension of our family.

Recognizing the work of Sydney, Lisa, LeeAnn, See as well as administrators Renee and Becky, I am tremendously impressed and eternally grateful that Jay’s Legacy was an integral and necessary team for my mother’s increasing needs.  They never wavered in their kindness, respect and dignity.

These last years could never have been as nurturing & respectful for mom without the consistent advocacy for her well being.  For their professionalism and personal interest for mom, she now rests peacefully and a has a Legacy of her own.

Be at peace dear momma.

Heartfelt thanks to Jay’s Legacy workers and leadership: You have strongly established yourself in our community as outstanding and reliable caregivers.

Nan Oswald , Daughter

Jeannine Herzog, Client

Services started 2022

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We understand Home Care.

Jay’s Legacy Home Care understands the complexities that come with independent senior care, and the strain it can have on families and relationships. Our handpicked staff are trained to offer home care for your loved one, whether you are near or far. Jay’s Legacy Home Care is available throughout Manitowoc, Kewaunee, Door and Brown Counties.

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