About Home Care

We believe that in-home care should be customized to each individual’s needs to support them, respect them and provide excellent care. We strive to provide a personal touch to each situation that may not be seen in the larger companies. Our staff are carefully trained, vetted and selected for their expertise, skills and demeanor to ensure a perfect fit and provide quality elderly care. 


Medication Reminders

We help increase medication adherence with accurate and timely reminders, which in the long run supports the health and wellbeing of the individual.


Personal Care

Jay’s Legacy Home Care helps individuals with personal care tasks like assistance with bathing, toileting, dressing, grooming, shaving, nail care and oral care. We’ve found that these, although small tasks together with companionship, make a person feel valued and respected.



No more loneliness, no more isolation. Going for walks, reading out loud, playing games, and being around other people are all great ways to help individuals feel included. Making these opportunities available to the elderly encourages social connection, friendship and community.

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Meal Preparation

Independent senior care also includes meal preparation and nutritional monitoring consisting of planning, and preparing meals and snacks, serving prepared food and providing assistance with feeding and cleaning up afterwards.


Watch for Change

In-home care helps keep an eye on your loved ones for signs of change. If caregivers notice someone has started to have a different attitude during daily tasks or isn't as responsive as usual, this is flagged and the relevant steps are taken to get in touch with a family member or concerned party to contact medical personnel and we adjust our care support accordingly.


Light Housework

There are a lot of daily cleaning and maintenance chores that are necessary activities when living in any space, so the ones at home can feel they are worthy of living in a clean environment. Our carers do the following indoor tasks: general light housekeeping, empty trash and disposal of recycling, laundry (start to finish), water plants and looking after pets.


Daily Tasks

Daily tasks include, but are not limited to, stocking up on food and medicine at grocery stores, and picking up items at drugstores.



We can help arrange for alternate transportation or public transportation to safely travel to medical or dental appointments, beauty or personal care appointments and/or social or faith-based activities. We can also provide transportation to these places when needed.


Respite Care

When primary caregivers need a break, we can support their time away, knowing that their loved one is in good hands. Our comprehensive approach allows us to "lighten the load" for that primary caregiver to feel rejuvenated to provide the 24/7 assistance that their loved one needs.

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You Deserve Custom Care.

Choosing local allows you and your loved ones to receive the custom care you deserve. Jay’s Legacy Home Care is available throughout Manitowoc county, Kewaunee, Door and Brown counties.

Reaching out to learn more is the first step. Get in touch to receive a custom care plan designed just for you!