About Our Staff

Meet the Jay's Legacy Homecare Staff


Renee Derenne

It has been my true pleasure to serve the needs of others for the past 28 years. During this journey, I have had the privilege to serve many people with a variety of needs (those with cognitive disabilities, mental health issues, young, elderly and everyone in between!)  I have worked in hospitals, nursing homes, home care and primarily residential group home settings. I believe that it is so important to choose a career that inspires you to be a  better person. This career has been a true calling and my mission to help others! The benefit to helping others has been more gratifying than I could ever have imagined. I believe I was meant to lead staff to find their passion in helping others. My philosophy is to create work environments where staff truly love what they do. In turn, they are passionate about providing the best possible service to you. Your satisfaction is paramount to us! We will work diligently to enrich your life, not just “come in to do the job”. This mission is personal to me and our relationship with you and your family needs to be too. We are a small company so that we can create a personal connection! We believe you will prefer it that way!

Email: [email protected]
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HR Director

Tammy Cartwright

I've worked in healthcare since 2005 doing various positions as a Medical Assistant. The majority of my career was with the Blood Center of WI as a Supervisor of Donor Services.  Most recently, I did private homecare and it's always been my favorite. I truly enjoy helping people and try to find the best candidates for positions within Jay's Legacy. In my free time I'm a cat magnet.  They just find me. I enjoy going to concerts and love paddle boarding at Elkhart Lake, when the weather cooperates. I also have a degree in horticulture and love gardening and doing landscape design.  
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Area Director Door and Kewaunee County

Kelly Kostka

Kelly attended the University of Wisconsin Stout where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education.  After 20 years of teaching at the elementary level for the Diocese of Green Bay, and raising her three successful daughters, she is loving her new career with Jay’s Legacy Home Care.  Helping others has always been a priority in Kelly’s life, but recently helping elderly neighbors and family members has influenced her decision to change her path in life.  

Area Director Manitowoc County

Shelley Payette

Shelley has worked in healthcare for a combined 27 years. Shelley has worked in Nursing Homes, Residential Group Homes, and in home care services throughout her caregiving journey. Shelley has worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Activity Director, and has enjoyed serving the community not only directly, but by supervising and leading others to provide quality care and compassion.

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Jessica Parkerson

Jessica has the capability to work with many different types of people and adapt to any situation. She is extremely vigilant about any changes she sees and communicates them efficiently.

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Lori Lauscher

Lori is a staff that has the great ability to connect to anyone. Her "down to earth" approach seems to put most people at ease. She has a very caring attitude which allows others to see that she genuinely cares.

LeAnne L

LeAnne is a dedicated caregiver that is very intuitive to others needs. Her calm and kind demeanor seem to be just what is needed when we have clientele who need staff with great emotional intelligence.

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Paula Schoeffel

Paula has a fabulous sense of humor which really provides fun and happiness to the clients she works with. It's very easy to see how much she enjoys her job.


Linda Linsmeier

Linda has the ability to get things done. She will often take on projects that need to be done and is very self sufficient to see what needs to be done and do it. Her attention to detail and the willingness to go the extra mile is first-rate.

Jay's Legacy Home Care Year in Review

As this year comes to an end, let’s remember the reason we do what we do and all the wonderful people we are able to help!

Question: Who is your most interesting client and why? 

Carol because when we do get a chance to visit, she always shares stories from the past.  She has interesting things to say. She has seen and done a lot in her almost 101 years on this Earth. ~Robin
The most interesting client I have at the moment is Janet and it’s because she is a hoot to watch game shows with and has an amazing sense of humor! ~LeAnne
My most interesting client is Stephen. I like talking to him about the Dinosaur he has dug up . Also I like listening to him talk about all the things he has in his home . He has a lot of unique things and most of them have a story behind them. ~Linda
I only have one client and that is Daune. She is amazing at all her capabilities despite her being legally blind. She has the best personality and makes my job so enjoyable ~Michelle
I guess if I really had to pick,it would be Carol M because even though she doesn't interact/talk much, she always gets her point across and we have had some very interesting conversations(mostly one sided) but interesting nonetheless.  ~Carol
Well out of the 2 that I see I find Helen most interesting because she loves to talk and tell me stories about her kids and husband, she also loves to clean and have things organized, read books/magazines, do word searches, she also loves to sit in her backyard and listen to the birds chirp like I do lol She’s a very nice lady and I’m happy to be working with her and can’t wait to see what else I learn about Mrs. Helen!! ~Erica
My most interesting client was Dolores ..she had so much Elvis stuff...I was amazed at how much she had and she had a story for all of it!!!  ~Kim
I work with Janet and she is the sweetest lady. She is so grateful for her staff that work with her! She loves her game shows and wants me to sit next to her. She is so appreciative of everything we do!  ~Marjean
My most interesting client is Gerry B . He loves to talk about the kids he and his wife fostered and adopted . He is a fun, interesting guy who loves his family . He also played sports and worked at  the old mirro building that now longer stands . He enjoys going for drives and loves shopping at thrift stores and Aldi to find the best deals . He was also a bus driver and enjoyed the kids . He likes to do puzzles in his spare time . He is a jokester and often  catches you off guard. He bruises easily and I’m always telling him he needs to stop paying for all those awful looking tattoos , he laughs and the following week he will say I couldn't help but get more tattoos. I don’t get much time with him but the two hrs a week we definitely enjoy our time and chats . He is always smiling and happy . ~Paula