How we help YOU?

Whether a loved one is near or far, you can rely on Jay’s Legacy Home Care. We pride ourselves on keeping friends and family informed and supported, regardless of where you live.

If you and your loved one both live in the area

Living close to your parents is great - the kids get to share everyday life and interact with them. Having a Grandma and Grandpa close adds a wonderful layer to a kid's life!

If your elderly parents live alone, the daily or weekend trips to check on them, and help with simple tasks such as medication management, cooking and cleaning can be stressful. This is where Jay’s Legacy steps in, to help manage the workload, taking on the tasks of in-home care.

Taking these tasks off your shoulders enables you to focus on being a parent to your children, being a child to your parents and enjoying spending time with them without it having to feel like a burden.


If you’re out of town, but your loved one lives in Northeast Wisconsin

Wherever you are, we can keep an eye on your loved one! Whether you’re in the state, on the other side of the country or the other side of the world; we can help you. We will be the extension of your family, keeping you informed about their well-being, following orders established by you or doctor’s and working to make sure your loved one is comfortable and supported.

Our process stays the same and will entail a chat with you to establish needs and context before scheduling a home visit with your loved ones to understand the details.

We’re with you every step of the way with weekly updates, through either phone calls or email; to make sure that no matter where you are. You know your loved one is in safe hands!

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Let us handle the stress.

Jay’s Legacy Home Care can support your loved ones in this time of transition, as we provide independent senior care in Kewaunee County and surrounds.

Enjoy your life and your time with your loved one again. Leave the important work of caring for your loved ones up to Jay’s Legacy.