We’re Hiring!

Are you a warm, caring individual who knows how to listen and support? Are you looking for a rewarding career that fits into your schedule?

Jay’s Legacy Home Care is a notable senior care provider in Northeast Wisconsin. We are looking to recruit individuals in the Northeastern Wisconsin area to provide help for seniors. We work in Manitowoc, Brown, Door and Kewaunee counties to provide excellent, holistic home care to individuals.

In addition to providing care for the elderly, Jay’s Legacy Home Care provides care to our employees! Jay’s Legacy genuinely values and appreciates the effort you put into your clients, and we will make sure you know this. This is a unique agency to work for, as your supervisors have done and continue to do direct care as well. Our carers are the most important part of the organization and we will give you the respect and flexibility you deserve.

Even on the hard days, supervisors are just a phone call away. We always strive to give you everything you need to do a good job and to be successful so that you can genuinely say that you LOVE your job. We also provide honest feedback. We will always let you know when you’re doing a great job or when you need to work on something.

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Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our staff says!

"I enjoy working for Jay's Legacy because I love the one on one time with each client.  Each client is special to me and unique in their own way."
- Kim

"Working with Jay's Legacy is rewarding.  Being able to help the clients stay safe and in their homes brings joy to myself and them."
- Lori
"Working for Jay's has given me the ability to make a huge difference in my client's life by allowing them to stay at home, remain independent and keeping them so happy.  Sometimes, it's the little things in life that mean the most and Jay's Legacy is all about the little things."
"I do a combination of rolls for Jay's Legacy and I truly appreciate being respected as a person by my colleagues.  I'm not expected to do unreasonable things and that would make anybody want to go to work every day."

Have a Meaningful Career

To be an excellent caregiver and to make our clients’ lives easier is your primary motivation. We understand. We care for those close to us too, so that’s why we want to give them the best possible quality of life we can provide to them. And, because that’s what we believe in, we welcome you to join our team! You are in good company here: not only will you have the opportunity to develop relationships with some of the greatest people on this planet, but you will also experience a sense of fulfillment in knowing that your work contributes significantly toward improving their lives every day - something which is sorely needed as services grow worse and their prices rather unbelievably continue to increase tremendously.

As a caregiver you play an important role in helping our clients maintain their independence as they age through elderly care services. Would you like to make a difference in this community, while earning a living doing something you love, working within a flexible schedule? Apply now!

Looking for individuals who are:
Detail oriented
A background in social work, mental health professional or healthcare are helpful.

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